When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Why another blog? Why now? These are the two obvious questions I and others may ask when encountering this little corner of the internet I have created. They are very good questions and the answers are frustratingly obscure but ultimately fitting for this phase in my life.

And life is what it is all about, ‘it’ being this blog and everything really. I am about to enter what I feel may be one of the most uncertain stages of my life so far. Up until this point it seemed there was a map I could follow: Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, university. But then? What then? It is this uncertainty that has prompted me to write a blog in an attempt to make sense of it all. Writing has always been my way of trying to understand the world. When I put things down on a page (even a virtual one) it seems that at the very least I have been able to articulate some of my thoughts, even if they do not immediately provide answers. Writing is also something that will occupy a large part of my time in the upcoming year, and I hope that this blog will enable me to chronicle my adventures, literary and otherwise.

In addition, this blog exists as a point of contact to other people, as I remain far away from my family, and as many of my friends scatter to far off places, I liked the idea that I could use this blog to create snapshots and impressions of what I am up to and hopefully remain connected to people, wherever we may roam.

John Lennon (and others) said, ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. John and the other Beatles have always provided me with words of wisdom, in moments that were happy, sad, funny, angry, and, indeed, uncertain, and in my life I’ve loved them all. So it seemed fitting to create the title of this blog with a Beatle in mind. But really it is the philosophy of the above quotation that I hoped would go some way to explaining the intention of this blog. Life passes by in an instant if we’re not careful, these past four years have taught me that more so than anything else. One moment you can be packing your suitcase and moving to another country, and the next moment you can be looking around you with just one question circling round your mind, ‘Has it really been four years?’ As these impressions dash past you, it can be a challenge at times to take a minute to stand and stare and really appreciate what is happening.

So in summary, I suppose that is what this blog is about. I feel it will allow me to preserve some of the moments that happen in life while I am busy making plans. It will be a place where I can capture my thoughts, and depict what I am doing and the things that life throws at me. In knowing that I now have a place to store all these memories, I hope that this blog will one day provide an opportunity to reminisce about these days, but in the meantime I believe it will be a part of what will enable me to to just . . .

keep on loving,


AAAAAaAAAAAAAA keep on laughing,


aAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA and keep on living!