A little trip to Dumfries

Towards the end of July, Fraser and I spent three lovely days in Dumfries with his parents. It’s always nice going to see each other’s parents, a few days to relax and experience some home comforts is often just what we need. So we decided to take a little trip to Fraser’s home in Thornhill.

On the first day we were very lucky with the weather as it had been raining for most of that week but it was sunny when we arrived. So we wandered round the garden, had a lovely meal and then engaged in the ever popular Pixar film evening.

But of course not before unwrapping holiday presents, Fraser was especially happy with his and he even agreed to display it on camera in all its glory. Yes, a Where’s Wally t-shirt. He found Wally pretty quickly but that has not diminished any enjoyment of the t-shirt.

The next morning began with some of that lovely home cooking I talked about, with freshly made pancakes and bacon. DEEElicious.


As the weather had taken a turn for the worse over night we felt an indoor activity would be best. So we decided to visit a nearby castle and take a tour around it.

This is the drive up to Drumlanrig Castle, it looked very impressive.

We learnt a lot about the castle’s history, previous owners, its artwork, and, thanks to one of the younger tour member’s question about ghosts, a little bit about its haunted wonders.


After the tour we walked around the grounds outside for a bit and Fraser regaled us with tales about how he and his friends used to roll down the hills really fast when they were teenagers. I grew up in the city, but it sounds like fun.


The next day there was just enough time to try on some excellent sunglasses Fraser found for me:

and for me to make him try them on too:

Then after a cholocate muffin and some orange juice in the now once again sunny garden, we had to head off back to Edinburgh.

It’s amazing how refreshing it can feel to get away for a few days and be pampered by parents. Thank you to the Shearers for a lovely few days, we hope to do it again sometime soon.


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