A rainy Brownie afternoon

I thought it would be nice to include a little post about one of mine and Fraser’s recent rainy day activities. It was Edinburgh in July, so naturally the chance of rain was pretty high (no higher though than at any other time of year in Edinburgh). So here are a few shots of our afternoon with the browie maker.


We’ve had this brownie maker for a little while now and have been eager to try it out. After settling into the new flat, having visitors, going on holiday, we finally had a free afternoon to try it out.

Here the measuring of the ingredients started, Fraser is always very good about being exact about these kinds of things.


Then it was my turn, to mix everything together.


Then, gloriously melting chocolate. (Resist the urge to sneak some of it away to eat right now, it is for the BROWNIES!)


Then some more mixing. I felt that the mixture looked a little bit like tar, and I hoped it would taste better.


Then we scooped the mixture into the brownie maker and waited about 5 minutes for each batch.


I decided to watch the rain out of the window while we waited.

The first batch

Soon enough it was done, the first batch. The brownies looked delicious so we immediately filled up the brownie maker again, and then again, yes, and then again.


And there you have it, a large plate of brownies,


one rainy afternoon,

and two hungry cooks.


I can assure you these brownies were a great success and disappeared too quickly, they even received the stamp of approval from our friend Katy. We can’t wait for an excuse to bring out the brownie maker again.



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