Summer holiday at home

In August I finally managed to grab some proper summer weather as I headed home to Austria for two weeks. I was lucky that I had already been able to spend time with my parents in Devon and in Edinburgh but I really wanted to see them again this summer. And of course the promise of Austrian summer weather was also very enticing.

However, one thing we all love when we go home are those home cooked meals. My parents are both excellent cooks and I was immediately greeted with fantastic food.

I arrived in the middle of a heatwave so for the first few days of my stay there was nothing to do but head to a lake to swim. There are a lots of lovely lakes for swimming and it was the perfect way to cope with the heat.

First we found a shady place to lie, so that we could read and relax when not in the swimming.

Then we made for the water to cool off.


After the first few days it finally cooled down a little bit. So we were able to do other things and mostly just spend time sitting around, chatting, catching up and enjoying being together.


We went to my favourite Chinese restaurant,


to a Buschenschank for some classic Austrian food,


and celebrate my Papa’s birthday, twice!

Because after a few days my brother and his girlfriend joined us and there were yet more celebrations to be had as we also pre-celebrated my brother’s 26th birthday.


We also drove out to visit my lovely grandmother on a particularly nice and sunny day that wasn’t too hot.


We all went to yet another nice restaurant to celebrate all of us being together again.

And of course there were more delicious meals and desserts to be had.


Then we drove home again as my stay drew to a close.

I am always sad when I have to leave home. Even though I always have stuff to look forward to back in Edinburgh, Austria is where I grew up and I hate that my family live so far away. All I can do is make as many trips as possible out to see them and ensure that they come and see me when they can. But it is comforting to know that every time I return we all have such a wonderful time just being together.


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