Beautiful Autumn (Part 4)

Final part of this mini-series, showing some of the beauties of autumn:


And that has been the splendour of autumn so far, let’s hope the beauty continues.


Beautiful Autumn (Part 3)

Part 3 of this mini-series:


Beautiful Autumn (Part 1)

I think I can safely say that this autumn has been the most beautiful autumn I have ever experienced. Especially those first two weeks in October, but largely the pretty weather has continued throughout the month. Words cannot really do justice to this, so I have decided to create a mini-series here called Beautiful Autumn, of a few snaps I took around Edinburgh in the glorious, golden sun.



An October visit from Mum

My mum came to visit us for two lovely, glorious weeks in October. I miss her so much and I hate that we live so far apart so we made the most of every day we had together.

We were lucky because the weather was great almost every day and we did so much in the two weeks she was here.


It was great spending time with her and catching up. In the gorgeous weather we went on several lovely walks in the autumn sun.


We also went to the zoo and ‘climbed’ Calton Hill for some great views and to find out why Edinburgh is called ‘The Athens of the North’.  

It’s always strange when you have visitors that it feels like you see the city you live in, in a completely different light as you take time to look at things that you normally just routinely walk past.

We chatted, laughed, played games, and sadly, after two weeks it was time to say goodbye.

Let me just say, I love my mum and I can’t wait to spend time together again soon!


Fraser’s Birthday Celebrations

Things really have been busy recently. So busy this blog has suffered a little. I pledge to do better.

But on to the main event, which, at the end of September was Fraser’s birthday. We had both been looking forward to a day of fun and indulgence and I was excited about making the day as special as possible for my great man.

So I got up early and went out and got us each a slice of chocolate cake as a surprise.

Then I laid out all the presents. (Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper, we figure, why be wasteful?)

Then it was time for the birthday boy to open some cards.


Then the moment, I am sure Fraser had been waiting for, the presents.

Including my main present for him which expanded his collection of string instruments to include a ukulele.


We hadn’t expected the weather to be nice so we had planned for a rainy day. And rainy it was! After a little wander through town we decided to go for some soup to warm up. It was very yummy and just what we needed.


Then, seeing as it was still rainy and cold we headed for the cinema. We saw an excellent film, Killing Them Softly, we both felt that it was the best film we had seen in ages, thoroughly absorbing.

On the way home we grabbed some dinner at Fraser’s favourite Indian restaurant. This made him happy, the boy does love his curry!

This is Fraser’s curry face, here he contemplates the delicious food he is about to consume.


And I have to agree, the food was very very tasty, especially the chicken curry that I had.


All in all, I think it was a pretty successful birthday, if I do say so myself, with great food, company, films and entertainment throughout.

Happy birthday, my love xxx