It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas season has begun and in our household we do Christmas big. We both have very fond and nostalgic memories of Christmasses when we were younger and I think this has carried over into adulthood for both of us. There is something so cozy and familiar about it and every year we try to make it special.

So, now that the start of the Christmas season is here we set to work.

The beginning of the Christmas season means of course advent calendar sweets. Yummy.


But back to the serious business of bringing Christmas into the home. We quickly assembled all of our decorations.


Then it was time to get them hooked up and hung up. Christmas quickly spread to the walls, the doors, even the ceiling.

IMG_5362 IMG_5413IMG_5408 IMG_5427

We have a mini mini mini tiny little tree as there is not much space in the flat. But we love it and we have managed to find just the right amount of decorations, lights and tinsel for it.

IMG_5376 IMG_5379IMG_5383 IMG_5387

The start of the festive season was appropriately rounded off in the evening by lighting the candles and the lights ….

IMG_5532 IMG_5437IMG_5528    IMG_5519

… and settling in for the best possible start to Christmas.

photo (3)

Have a very merry start to your Christmas fun!



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