Sunday Fry-up Day

Sometimes the perfect addition to a Sunday is a fry-up. That’s just the way it is. Or at least that’s what we felt last Sunday. It’s something we very rarely indulge in, in fact that last time we had a  fry-up was last June, so it seemed we were due one. Here is the tasty, tasty result.

The ingredients:

The start of the frying of…




and, of course, eggs.

The final amazing result (including potato scones, mushrooms – for me and black pudding – for Fraser). Sunday fry-up day, try it!



Just a little post about Valentine’s Day. We kept it simple, we really just wanted to spend the day together. So we had a lazy morning, opening a few presents.

I got a sweet card from Fraser.

We went for a little stroll through town on an exceptionally sunny winter’s day.

After a fun trip to the cinema we rounded off the evening with dinner at our favourite tapas place.

A happy Valentine’s Day!

Pancake Day

Last Tuesday was pancake day. We hadn’t planned on making any pancakes, but once I started reading recipes online the idea just seemed too enticing  So with the promise of some good football viewing that evening, we decided to make some pancakes to celebrate the day.

With all the ingredients out we were ready to go.

Fraser started, throwing all the pancakey ingredients together and then whisking.

Then it was my turn, more and more whisking. Now, making pancakes isn’t hard but whisking is tiring.

Then on to the fun part. Into the pan.


Fraser managed to expertly flip the first one. Then it was over to me again.

After another successful flip we quickly made a few more, not quite anticipating how many pancakes the mix would yield. (To be honest, we had too many).


We gathered together the various toppings we wanted, such as melted chocolate, peanut butter, sugar and lemon juice (depending on individual taste they were combined in various ways).

IMG_6103 ???????????????????????????????

And there they were, our delicious (but oh so filling) pancakes. We were ready, the football was ready and the chosen toppings turned out to be the perfect additions to pancake day.


A deliciously perfect pancake day!

What’s been happening recently… January

It seems to have become a theme that this monthly blog post doesn’t appear until half way into the next month. Oh well. Here are some pics of what happened in January.

IMG_3722 IMG_3758 IMG_3748 IMG_3753 IMG_3745 IMG_3756 IMG_3742 IMG_3743 IMG_3750 IMG_3751 IMG_3746 IMG_3752 IMG_3747 IMG_3757 IMG_3744 IMG_3741 IMG_3759 IMG_3740 IMG_3749 IMG_3755 IMG_3723 IMG_3754

Bed Diving

Ok, this is a small add on to the Gleneagles photos, but CLEARLY this deserved a post all to itself. My 22 year old boyfriend, arrived at the lovely house we were staying in, saw our room with the massive double bed in it and thought, yep, this calls for a running, flying jump. All I could think to do was to capture the perfect moment on camera. So here he is, soaring like a (Glen)eagle:

You’re only as old as you feel.

Gleneagles 2

Some more photos of our weekend in Gleneagles

On the second day we wandered around the outside of the hotel.

It was colder than on the previous day, but still very calm and peaceful. We sat and chatted for a while.


Finally we could no longer ignore the fact that we were very cold, my legs felt frozen, so we went inside the hotel and explored the corridors and shops.

It seems like there is little to report from the weekend, but maybe that’s because it was nice to just do nothing for a while. It was relaxing and fun to just be in a different place spending time together. We came back to Edinburgh on the Sunday night feeling refreshed and recuperated, and really, that is all that matters.

Gleneagles Weekend

Fraser and I spent last weekend on a mini-break with his family in Gleneagles. Fraser has been several times but this was only my second time. It is always a fun and relaxing place to be, a really good way to escape for a few days and get out of the daily routine.

Before we arrived there had been a fair bit of snow, but by the time we got there to stay in one of these little houses all the snow had gone. It was cold but sunny.

This is the view from the kitchen window of the house we stayed in.

Our favourite thing to do while we’re there is to go on little walks around the mini village of houses and the grounds.

It was a clear and crisp winter day, perfecting for taking in the amazing views.

We decided to go for a walk around the grounds to get a closer look.

It seemed appropriate to take at least a few pictures posing with the eagles, you know, Gleneagles and all.

A very fun and interesting first day. There will be more pictures to follow in the next post.

Pizza (nd) Love

Just a little pizza related update:

After the awesome pizza experience at the Italian restaurant during our anniversary celebrations, we were inspired to come up with some of our own pizza creations. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, so we bought pizza bases and got creative.

We decided to try various ingredients in different combinations.

The whole thing was fun and surprisingly easy and definitely something I would HIGHLY recommend. A simple idea, but fulfilling to have a pizza with exactly the ingredients you want and in the amount that you want.

We started out with two pizzas just to  try it out for ourselves. Using two different types of cheeses on different halves of the pizzas, the result was very pleasing. And very tasty.

With a successful dinner behind us we decided to expand. We were having some friends round for a marathon Batman film viewing (or, Batman Day as we called it). Such an occasion necessitates good film-viewing food. So….

Four different pizzas, with four different ingredient combinations, that is what followed.

Topped with some cheese, in the oven for about ten minutes equals a room full of very happy pizza eating people, accompanied by some quality entertainment.

I can already tell that such pizzas with a variety of toppings will become a staple in our future meal planning, I have already thought of so many combinations I would like to try.

Pizza ‘nd Love