Pizza (nd) Love

Just a little pizza related update:

After the awesome pizza experience at the Italian restaurant during our anniversary celebrations, we were inspired to come up with some of our own pizza creations. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, so we bought pizza bases and got creative.

We decided to try various ingredients in different combinations.

The whole thing was fun and surprisingly easy and definitely something I would HIGHLY recommend. A simple idea, but fulfilling to have a pizza with exactly the ingredients you want and in the amount that you want.

We started out with two pizzas just to  try it out for ourselves. Using two different types of cheeses on different halves of the pizzas, the result was very pleasing. And very tasty.

With a successful dinner behind us we decided to expand. We were having some friends round for a marathon Batman film viewing (or, Batman Day as we called it). Such an occasion necessitates good film-viewing food. So….

Four different pizzas, with four different ingredient combinations, that is what followed.

Topped with some cheese, in the oven for about ten minutes equals a room full of very happy pizza eating people, accompanied by some quality entertainment.

I can already tell that such pizzas with a variety of toppings will become a staple in our future meal planning, I have already thought of so many combinations I would like to try.

Pizza ‘nd Love


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