Gleneagles Weekend

Fraser and I spent last weekend on a mini-break with his family in Gleneagles. Fraser has been several times but this was only my second time. It is always a fun and relaxing place to be, a really good way to escape for a few days and get out of the daily routine.

Before we arrived there had been a fair bit of snow, but by the time we got there to stay in one of these little houses all the snow had gone. It was cold but sunny.

This is the view from the kitchen window of the house we stayed in.

Our favourite thing to do while we’re there is to go on little walks around the mini village of houses and the grounds.

It was a clear and crisp winter day, perfecting for taking in the amazing views.

We decided to go for a walk around the grounds to get a closer look.

It seemed appropriate to take at least a few pictures posing with the eagles, you know, Gleneagles and all.

A very fun and interesting first day. There will be more pictures to follow in the next post.


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