Pancake Day

Last Tuesday was pancake day. We hadn’t planned on making any pancakes, but once I started reading recipes online the idea just seemed too enticing  So with the promise of some good football viewing that evening, we decided to make some pancakes to celebrate the day.

With all the ingredients out we were ready to go.

Fraser started, throwing all the pancakey ingredients together and then whisking.

Then it was my turn, more and more whisking. Now, making pancakes isn’t hard but whisking is tiring.

Then on to the fun part. Into the pan.


Fraser managed to expertly flip the first one. Then it was over to me again.

After another successful flip we quickly made a few more, not quite anticipating how many pancakes the mix would yield. (To be honest, we had too many).


We gathered together the various toppings we wanted, such as melted chocolate, peanut butter, sugar and lemon juice (depending on individual taste they were combined in various ways).

IMG_6103 ???????????????????????????????

And there they were, our delicious (but oh so filling) pancakes. We were ready, the football was ready and the chosen toppings turned out to be the perfect additions to pancake day.


A deliciously perfect pancake day!


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