A quiet week

It’s been a quiet week with Fraser now working at the science festival and me focusing on my writing. I am leaving next week to go home for a little while, something I am ridiculously excited about. But that has meant that I have been trying to get as much work done as possible this week, as I am likely to have less time while I’m at home.

The good news is that the weather seems to have ever so slightly picked up. By that I really just mean that it has been pretty sunny. It’s still very cold and occasionally snowy, we’ve been keeping warm with winter soups.

There have been some lovely treats this week, in the form of Easter eggs and Easter chocolate. But one of the best surprises was a present Fraser had actually ordered for me for Christmas, but they weren’t going to be made until after Christmas. And now it is finally here. I now have one of my favourite novels of all time The Great Gatsby printed on a t shirt in a really lovely design. I love love LOVE it! It is from this website and such a great idea I think.

So, yes, a quiet week, but productive and with a few nice little surprises along the way.


Cake Day

Ok, I’ve had enough of the snow. Truthfully, I had had enough of the snow several weeks ago, but apparently no one has told Edinburgh that it is supposed to be approaching spring. So Tuesday morning we woke up to this funny, flakey, white stuff tumbling from the skies. All night I had heard the wind whistling through the streets and rattling our windows and to put it simply, all day, it was freezing. It was one of those ‘definitely stay in doors and keep warm’ days. So I did.

Luckily this day of freeze coincided with something we, in this household, have been very much looking forward to. For the past month, as part of a healthy eating experiment,  Fraser and I have given up all forms of sweet food, this included biscuits, cakes, sweets, sugary drinks and, most painfully for me, all forms of chocolate. I love chocolate and have missed it greatly these past weeks. But, Tuesday, this self-imposed ban was finally over. And to celebrate, I decided to bake a cake. A delicious chocolate-orange cake.

The absolute best way to be reunited with sweet food, I can tell you! So the snow and rain continued throughout the day, but we didn’t mind, we had cake.


A snowy update.

Not much to report this end. Other than waking up to this:

on Monday morning. Being pelted in the face with snow thanks to a mini snowstorm when I went out. So coming home and having lots of this kind of stuff:

Waking up today and finding it sunnier but still very cold.

So deciding to stay inside where it’s warm and get lots of work done. I have to admit that it is nice though, looking out over this:

Just a little update, from my end.