Sunday Lunch

This past Sunday happened to be Easter Sunday. I say ‘happened’ because Easter really doesn’t mean that much to us (not that it isn’t a great excuse to enjoy some chocolate). The far more important thing to us, was that it was the last Sunday before I leave for just over two weeks, and the last day before my departure on which Fraser wouldn’t be working. So we decided to go out for lunch and spend a nice day together.

Easter Sunday, it turns out is a great day to go out for lunch because most of the students have gone home and most families, I guess, are eating at home. So there weren’t that many people in the café.

We had some excellent pizzas, meatball for Fraser and cajun chicken for me, and some kind of zesty lemonade thing which was excellent (we’re thinking probably crushed ice, lemonade and lemon ice cream)!


^^^^So much yummy pizza!

Then it was home to indulge in the aforementioned chocolate. Easter eggs, coffee and Sunday football. Good times, happy Easter!



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