Vienna 1


My first weekend at home and we decided to go to Vienna. My brother lives there and we wanted to have a day out as a family, look at a museum, AND I had been promised a surprise in the evening. Well who could pass up such an offer?

IMG_6337 IMG_6336

We arrived around lunchtime and it was immediately apparent that the weather was not going to play along. Still, we were not deterred and made our way to a restaurant where we had all agreed to meet up for some lunch.

IMG_6345 IMG_6343  IMG_6342 ^^^^^^^ It’s always great to get the family together.

After lunch the weather was not looking any better but we went ahead with our plans to go and see the Prater Museum. Just a short journey later we were there.

IMG_6355 IMG_6350 IMG_6357 IMG_6364 IMG_6363 IMG_6378 ^^^^^^^^Who is that silly person hugging the world?

The museum was interesting and, thankfully, warm, with some really cool stuff in it.

IMG_6388 IMG_6392 IMG_6394 IMG_6400

And next was the Prater itself…

to be continued….



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