Vienna 2


Some more fun in Vienna. Well we braved the cold and wandered around the Prater. It was actually nice that there were hardly any people there, at times it seemed eerily deserted.

IMG_6413 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6424

Naturally we had to have a go on the bumper cars (driving to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – ’cause, why not?)

IMG_6431 IMG_6432

At times the whole place felt like an abandoned ghost town from the past, very odd. I was just glad I didn’t have to go on anything more adventurous than the bumper cars.

IMG_6445 IMG_6443 IMG_6449 IMG_6455 IMG_6469 IMG_6462 IMG_6435

But eventually we felt cold and hungry and decided to go and search for some food before the evening’s surprise….

to be continued….

IMG_6470 IMG_6472


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