Saturday was fun. We have been enjoying the fact that spring has decided to stay for a little while in Edinburgh. Even though it wasn’t quite as sunny as had been forecast (or as sunny as it would be in the days after) it felt good to get out and about. Starting with a nice leisurely lunch on the way into town.

IMG_6776 IMG_6779 IMG_6777

Followed by a walk down to Princes Street. Which included this kind act of humanity:


Then a stroll through Princes Street Gardens.

IMG_6783 IMG_6787 IMG_6791

Before deciding to head to the Scottish National Gallery to look at some exhibitions.

IMG_6795 IMG_6796 IMG_6790

Afterwards it was time for a refuel, so we headed to a café we had never tried before. It was really nice, I had a lovely brownie and great coffee.

IMG_6800 IMG_6801 IMG_6806 IMG_6803

It was getting late, so time to head home, but it was very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.



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