A (not so nice) surprise

Wow, so, it’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been working away on finishing my book (more on that another time). There has been so much happening that I haven’t had any time to do some blog updates. Not to worry though, I had anticipated a particularly nice weekend, Fraser and I had all sorts of plans, I’d have time to catch up on some things I had pushed aside during the week, but all in all it would be a relaxing weekend.

Well, you know those days when you wake up on a Saturday, think about all the pleasant things you have planned for the day, think about how you’ll take it easy in the morning, just have a cup tea, read the newspaper online…. and then it starts raining in your flat? No? Never happened to you? Well, it had never happened to me until Saturday. But sure enough, when I went into our bedroom after breakfast, the sky was happily raining, through the ceiling into our bedroom.

Yes, this was what ruined all our plans on Saturday:

IMG_6839  IMG_6837 IMG_6838

We had to wait in to try and get someone to come round and have a look at it, but of course at a weekend everyone is unavailable…it all just dragged on.

So, we didn’t get to do any of what we had planned to do, but we generally know how to make the best out of an annoying situation. Considering how rainy it was outside we consoled ourselves with some hastily prepared but very nice lunch,


lots of biscuits and coffee,


Fraser’s mac and cheese for dinner,


and just generally enjoying our time together. Now that Fraser is working we very rarely get the chance for a lazy day, lying on the couch watching TV. So our cloud did have a silver lining (and lots of rain).

By Sunday it had stopped raining in our room but the weather hadn’t really improved. Not that that mattered, we decided to go to the cinema and out for lunch and to then enjoy the final day of the premier league season from the comfort of our warm home.


It was a fun walk through misty Edinburgh (less fun when you remember that it’s May, but interesting to say the least).

IMG_6849 IMG_6851

We really enjoyed the film (the new Star Trek film, in case you were wondering). There is something a little bit special about going to the cinema in the morning.

IMG_6852 IMG_6853

Then we went for a short walk (through still misty Edinburgh) to one of our favourite places for lunch.

^^^^Hmmm what should I have?


A lovely lunch, great afternoon of football, and ultimately a good end to a slightly turbulent weekend.

Update: It has not rained in our flat since Saturday and today someone finally came to have a look at it, so hopefully there will be no more weather related surprises in the flat for a while.


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