Sunny Saturday and Sunday

This past weekend was beautiful and sunny and wonderful and so needed after the long cold winter that felt like it would never end. Here are a few images from our weekend:

A Saturday walk through town, doing some shopping:

Panini take-away:


An even sunnier Sunday as we set off from our flat:

A Sunday burger lunch:


Invitingly summery Meadows:

An interesting Meadows festival with a random assortment of stalls:

Including a giant bee:

And a dog show that included a dog egg (well, tennis ball) and spoon race:

Walking under the trees seeing what is left of the lovely cherry blossom:

Ending the day with a chocolate milkshake for Fraser and a lemon zester for me:

And a reminder of just how long it stays light at this time of year with the sun slowly setting over the city:


Please, lovely weather, stay for as long as possible!


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