Evening Ice Cream

As I wrote about over the weekend, it has been so warm and sunny here recently, right through to the evenings. On Tuesday night, when Fraser got home from work, he had the wonderful idea to go out for a walk and some ice cream. Best suggestion ever! So we set off in the still sunny streets.


We decided to go to our favourite ice cream place via the Meadows because that is one of the most beautiful places to be when it’s sunny.

There were still so many people sitting out, barbecuing, and enjoying the weather.


I know I say it a lot but Edinburgh really is so beautiful!


It was a really nice walk but by the time we got to George IV Bridge we were hungry and in need of ice cream.

And it did not disappoint, it was SO tasty!


This might be a little odd, but there is a graveyard just around the corner from the ice cream place and that is where we usually go to enjoy it. It is quiet and peaceful and nobody seems to mind.

It was getting late so it was time to go home, but I’ll say it again, I am really enjoying this weather, especially when we get such lovely evenings!



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