Short But Sweet

Some weekends are short but sweet. We’ve been doing so much recently and the weather wasn’t really that great, so we decided to just take it easy last weekend.

We went to see Despicable Me 2 which we loved! (See my review of the film here). On Sunday we went out for some delicious breakfast.

We had a lazy afternoon and baked a lemon cake.


It had home made lemon curd inside.

And was SO TASTY!!

The sweetness in our short but sweet weekend.


6 thoughts on “Short But Sweet

    • Sure, no problem. It was just this recipe here:

      Though obviously ours was round rather than a loaf, and we made twice as much, then cut it in half to put the lemon curd inside. The lemon curd is not part of the original recipe but we had been given some by Fraser’s mum who makes it herself and it went perfectly with the cake and added some nice moistness.

      Thanks for commenting, let me know how it turns out if you do decide to make it 🙂

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