Fun Weekend

I always love having relatives to stay, it’s great to catch up and have time to chat. This last weekend my uncle, Andy, stayed with us for four days and we had such a lovely time. The weather was not always reliable (though I suppose in Edinburgh that’s reliably unreliable), but we got out as much as we could and enjoyed the city and each other’s company.


Sunday was particularly nice as we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens and spent the day there amongst the greenery.


We found a little Chinese garden in a quiet area and had some lunch there.

This little guy joined us.

Then we spent some more time exploring the gardens and talking.

This was my favourite tree of the day, all intertwined branches, if it had been a little taller it would have been the perfect tree for climbing.

All four days were lovely and on the last day we had just enough time for a little walk through the city centre before heading to the train station.

We went to a lovely old cemetery and enjoyed the quiet, calm atmosphere.


What a wonderful weekend with family.


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