In the Summer Time

Ah, a full weekend of absolutely gorgeous weather, and we decided to make the most out of it. And the fun times started with an amazing breakfast on Saturday morning. In recent months we have been looking for a place that does a really good cooked full breakfast, and I think we may have found it. It was tasty, had all the things I love and kept me full for pretty much the remainder of the day.


Fraser always tries to coordinate his T shirt colour with the tea pot.

Now, we have learnt our lesson: even if you have things to get from shops, don’t choose a warm, Saturday afternoon on Princes Street. It just isn’t worth it. It just about completely exhausted us (and it wasn’t a successful trip anyway, as we didn’t find the stuff we needed).


Crazy man, in a full kilt in that heat.

Crazy man, in a full kilt in that heat.

So we trotted home in the heat for some cooling down before going out to meet friends in the pub, which was where we stayed until the evening. It was cool and provided cool drinks, so that seemed sensible.

Sunday, after a lazy morning, we abandoned our original plans to go to the cinema because the weather was still being particularly perfect and instead exploited the fact that apparently most of the country were watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon. We went out for ice cream and to the Meadows and, honestly, I have never seen the Meadows so sparsely populated when the weather is this lovely.


It was weird, even walking along the streets to get there it felt a little bit like a ghost town as everyone else seemed to be indoors watching the tennis.

It was nice and peaceful though and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon relaxing in the Meadows, in the sun. Summer, you are welcome to stay a little longer!


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