To Austria

My long absence is explained by being insanely busy before I left for my holiday back home, and having been busy with family and friends since I got here.

But one of the best parts about being home is always how relaxing it is. The weather has been hot hot hot, so we have been relaxing accordingly.


It’s been lovely to spend time with family and we even had a wedding in the family. Surprisingly, I caught the bouquet.

SAM_0249 SAM_0253

Another highlight so far has been the barbecuing. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!

SAM_0266 SAM_0270

Apart from the sunshine, great food, and wonderful company, I have even been treated to an epic thunderstorm. Darkening skies, thunder and lightning, torrential rain.

SAM_0279 SAM_0280 SAM_0291 SAM_0293

It’s safe to say so far this holiday is going wonderfully well! I look forward to the next two weeks here.



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