Grünersee 1

We have been enjoying our wonderful holiday in Austria, hence my inactivity here. But we have been doing so many wonderful things.


Last week we went to Grünersee, and it was stunning! It’s a beautiful, picturesque lake in a quiet, calm spot.

We drove up and had lunch before walking around the lake.


Afterwards we began the walk on the upper circle around the lake, we got our first glimpses of it through the trees.

SAM_0495 SAM_0520SAM_0506

The scenery around it is wonderful too.


As we came round the trees the lake revealed itself in all its turquoise glory.

SAM_0539 SAM_0548 SAM_0608 SAM_0554 SAM_0609

It was great to investigate the lake together as a family.

SAM_0570 image (1) image (2)

We decided to go down to the lakeside to see more, we weren’t ready to leave the lake just yet.

SAM_0611 SAM_0623 SAM_0615

More to come soon, in part 2….



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