Visiting Oma in Birkfeld

SAM_1147 SAM_1102

On one of the days while Fraser and I were in Austria we went to visit my Oma (grandmother), in Birkfeld where she has lived her whole life. It was really important to me that she and Fraser met, even if they could barely communicate with each other, because she means a great deal to me, and she was very excited to meet him.

SAM_1093 SAM_1094

It was yet another beautiful day, perfect weather to spend some time sitting outside, catching up as a family.

SAM_1095 SAM_1097 SAM_1117 SAM_1135

We decided to go for a walk around Birkfeld, which is a pretty little place that Dieter and I used to visit a lot as children.

SAM_1144 SAM_1208 SAM_1216

First we refuelled with some coffee (or ice coffee).

SAM_1161 SAM_1175

Then we had a little look around the place as it was so wonderfully sunny.

SAM_1148 SAM_1195 SAM_1198 SAM_1199 SAM_1214 SAM_1219 SAM_1224 SAM_1225

There was hardly anyone around, it was peaceful and pretty.

SAM_1228 SAM_1238 SAM_1249 SAM_1250 SAM_1252

The whole day was really lovely, I am happy that Fraser and Oma met and that I got to spend some time with her.


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