Valentine’s Weekend


With us both being insanely busy it seemed as if Valentine’s Day just suddenly arrived without much forewarning. But it’s important to make time for the important stuff. So without any time to plan anything we just decided to have a weekend filled with things we like.


We watched football, went out for delicious lunches, got our favourite cupcakes, talked, chatted, laughed, and watched the Lego Movie (so much fun!).

It goes to show you don’t have to come up with huge convoluted plans to have a nice weekend together if you just enjoy each other’s company.

SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2098 SAM_2097



What’s been happening recently…September

Time, where does it go? I am no closer to finding the answer to that question as the last month seems to have just absolutely disappeared. I have been so busy with my new university course, which I am loving, but it has meant less time for blogging. I am determined to still keep up the blogging as much as possible, even if it means in slightly longer intervals. It is a great way to document my memories and a good way to ensure I write as often as possible and capture the little moments in life. Anyway, in the mean time, here are some snapshots of September, perhaps looking at these I can figure out where the time goes.

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Birthday Celebrations


This week we celebrated Fraser’s birthday. Unfortunately he had to work on his actual birthday, which was on a Tuesday, so we just had a mini celebration in the evening, and saved the rest for the weekend.


But I decided to surprise him with a birthday cake when he came home. It may not look like a masterpiece, I was just glad when I managed to get the sprinkles in the shape of a ’23’.

SAM_1424 SAM_1436

The all important wish-making-candle-extinguishing procedure.


And then cake consumption.


The rest was saved for a celebratory day on Saturday, where we enjoyed some of Fraser’s favourite things. Such as a lovely breakfastSAM_1450 SAM_1452

A lovely afternoon with some coffee and cupcakes, in a gloriously sunny Edinburgh.


Presents, cinema and dinner at Fraser’s favourite restaurant in the evening.


Being 23 really isn’t so bad.


A quarter of a century

Yes, a quarter of a century, that is now me. On Sunday the 21st of July 2013, I officially turned 25, which doesn’t really sound much better than a quarter of a century. People who know me, may know that I don’t generally look forward to birthdays. It is no reflection at all on the day itself or the people I spend it with as all of that is lovely, I just don’t like the feeling of getting older. And I don’t mean OLD, just older, I have felt that way since my 13th birthday. I guess I just wasn’t made for being a grown-up.

That being said, I always ALWAYS end up having a wonderful day and this year was no exception. The wonderfulness of this day was, in no small part, down to Fraser, who, in the absence of my excitement had been very excited about my birthday. He made sure it was special from start to finish.

He made me breakfast in the morning, anything I wanted. I wanted eggs and bacon. After breakfast it was time for presents and cards.

Cards first. Thank you to everyone who sent cards. I especially enjoyed being ‘Auntie Jemise’ this year (Jemsie it what those closest to me call me).


And this is Fraser’s sweet card, ensuring that I don’t feel too bad about getting older.


Then presents, and I got several lovely things. The crown jewel of which was Fraser’s main present to me, which was a camera. Yes, an awesome new camera. It has several functions with which I am not familiar, but I am SO enjoying using it. It’s a perfect present, considering I use my camera every week.

We spent a relaxing morning, not rushing anything, just doing what we wanted to do. I phoned my parents (never forget, your birthday is also a special day for them). By the afternoon we were hungry again and so it was time for my birthday tradition. You may remember that for the past two years on my birthday we have bought cupcakes from the wonderful Bibi’s Bakery. It is the best birthday tradition and I could not WAIT!!

SAM_0007 SAM_0010

I mean just LOOK at how delicious. I had my usual, my favourites, chocolate-orange and smarties, and Fraser had Oreo and summer berries. They were delicious and gone too soon!

SAM_0012 SAM_0019 SAM_0023

Sooooo good!

It was such a nice day, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around sunny Edinburgh, working up an appetite for the evening.

SAM_0037 SAM_0038 SAM_0040 SAM_0041

We went to one of my favourite restaurants and afterwards walked around New Town as it was still so warm, before heading to the cinema to see Monsters University (we do love a good Pixar film).

SAM_0056 SAM_0067

So all in all, I have to admit, turning a quarter of a century was really very pleasant. I could not have asked for a better birthday!

Hello Edinburgh!


So I’ve been back in Edinburgh for a week now, and despite really missing my family, it does feel good to be back. Mainly it was nice to be reunited with Fraser. I was lucky to be greeted with a truly glorious spring day the day after my return, and Fraser and I decided to make the most of it.


We went for a walk in the lovely sunshine and stopped off to buy some of our favourite coffee (Guatemalan Elephant, in case you were wondering).

IMG_6731 IMG_6732

We took our time, catching up, chatting and enjoying the fact that spring had finally arrived after a long, cold winter.

IMG_6729 IMG_6734

Eventually we felt hungry and so stopped off at Bibi’s Bakery for some of their amazing and delicious cupcakes. It’s a treat we don’t often allow ourselves but when we do, we are always reminded of just how great their little bakery is and just how fantastic their cupcakes are.

IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6740

As it was getting late and we still had plans for the evening we decided to head home to devour our cupcakes. It was a lovely late afternoon, still sunny and warm.

IMG_6741 IMG_6744

Being home meant cupcake eating time, and oh, were they good!

IMG_6748 IMG_6749  IMG_6750

A chocolate-orange and a smarty cupcakes for me, and a lemon and a nutella cupcake for Fraser.

IMG_6757 IMG_6758

By the evening it was time to head out again as the sun set over the city.


We rounded off the evening with some tapas in a restaurant we hadn’t been to before, (where we seemed to disappoint the waiter that the ‘Shearer’ reservation was not, in fact, for Alan Shearer). Followed by a trip to the cinema.


It’s good to be back, Edinburgh, please stay sunny for a little while so we can continue to enjoy you. Thank you!

What’s been happening recently … July

Time for another brief post containing shots of what’s been happening in life recently. Here the entry for July of what’s been happening recently:


They say it’s your birthday, nananananananaNA, (Or, Nanananana NANAaaa BIRTHDAY)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to my birthday. Not because I thought it wouldn’t be memorable, or I wouldn’t have fun. It’s the age. I just don’t feel 24. But 24 I am. And on the 21st of July I celebrated my birthday.


I can always rely on Fraser to make sure I have a good time and am expressly forbidden from complaining about being another year older. I know he made a real effort to ensure that I had a special day, and I am very grateful for that. And you know what? Depite myself, I actually really enjoyed it.



The morning started with opening cards and presents. Thanks to everyone for the cards and birthday well wishes. And to Fraser for my very amazing presents. I loved them all! That’s the part of birthdays that always has that same special feeling, when you see little parcels wrapped up you get just as excited as you did as a child.

Then one of the lovely surprises of the day. Fraser banished me from the kitchen for about half an hour and surprised me with my all time favourite soup, he knows that is the best kind of lunch for me. A great surprise as I had no idea what I would be getting and it made me very happy.

We then went for a little birthday wander and ended up at the Grassmarket at the Jazz and Blues festival.


That was a nice surprise. We had a look around the shops, the stalls and listened to some music. It was sunny and warm, my first birthday in Edinburgh where it hasn’t rained.


And THEN, it was time for what is fast becoming a little birthday tradition. Bibi’s Bakery. Seriously the best cupcakes you have ever tasted, no word of a lie. Princes Street was very busy but we pushed through the crowds to get to these jewels.


And then, as it was so busy, we took them home to devour them. Let me just take a moment to remember how delicious they were.


I chose a Smarties one and a chocolate-orange one.


Fraser chose a cookies and cream one and a banoffee pie one.


Then we got ready to go out. We went for dinner at my favourite restaurant and finished the evening off by watching The Dark Knight Rises (which we both greatly enjoyed, very good of the studio to time the release for my birthday.)


So all in all here’s the story, I can’t promise that next year I won’t get that nervous feeling as I inch closer to my birthday, thinking that in my head I am still 21 or something. But as the years go by it also gets easier to remember just how much fun I had last year on my birthday and that the year that followed was filled with so many more great memories. And you know, it’s worth remembering that no matter what there will always be cupcakes.

Special thank you to this guy

for making this girl

a very happy birthday girl!