Autumn…What’s been happening recently

A slightly condensed version of this kind of post. Autumn was a busy season, here are just a few pictures of what happened… (Note: the last picture is the pumpkin that Fraser carved, as a tribute to Breaking Bad, our Heisenpumpkin. I thought it was amazing! It’s become a Halloween tradition for Fraser to carve an elaborate pumpkin).

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Because this city is so damn beautiful in autumn

I know I gush about how lovely Edinburgh is in autumn (well, in all seasons really). But since we spent so much time outdoors this autumn it really struck me when I was going through my photos that there are so many great shots to be captured. One evening in particular, we were walking home across the Meadows and the light was just so perfect and autumnal. Here are just a few pictures to give a sense of the kind of sights you see wandering around Edinburgh at this time of year.

SAM_1764 SAM_1770 SAM_1767 SAM_1774 SAM_1776 SAM_1781 SAM_1782 SAM_1772

Breath taking, I am almost ready for winter, the change of seasons and the new images as I walk around this lovely city.

Remembering the War Poets

While my mum was here we decided to go and visit the building that used to be the Craiglockhart war hospital. A little context: we have both read the Regeneration trilogy books by Pat Barker. They are three astonishingly well written books, which are incredibly profound and moving. The first one is set in Edinburgh and is based on the true events in the life of Dr W.H.R Rivers and some of the patients he treated at Craiglockhart hospital during the First World War. These patients included some of the famous war poets such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. I have long been an admirer of these poets and when we found out that we were not far from the building that used to be the hospital AND that they have a little exhibition dedicated to the war poets, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go and have a look and remember these remarkable writers.


The building is situated in a beauitful part of Edinburgh, and now forms part of Napier University. Despite having had a modern extension added to it, the old part of the building is still there.

SAM_1742 SAM_1745

The day on which we headed out there was beautiful. Cold but sunny in a golden autumn light. It is a testament to Barker as a writer that we both felt that the place was just as we had pictured it when reading the novel. The exhibition was very well put together and the stories of the war poets so moving.

SAM_1747 SAM_1748

It’s a little removed from the centre of the city but I would recommend visiting the exhibition as it is such a sad but important part of the history of World War 1 and its writers. And all of it is in such lovely surroundings. I was really glad that we made the trip out there and feel that it made me understand these people’s stories even better.

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Calton Hill and this wonderful city


My mum has been here these past few weeks, which has been lovely lovely lovely. Made all the lovelier by the fact that Edinburgh did a good job of really behaving itself for most of the two weeks and giving us some stunning weather, really making the city shine.

SAM_1601 SAM_1604

So on one of my mum’s first days here we went up Calton Hill. You get the best views of the city from there.


On the way up we could see the Newtown buildings and beyond, as well as some lovely autumn colours on the tree tops.

SAM_1624 SAM_1625 SAM_1629

On of the things that really interest me about this time of year is the long shadows casting such interesting patterns across the ground.


Calton Hill has some lovely monuments and sites that add to the peaceful atmosphere.

SAM_1639 SAM_1640 SAM_1648 SAM_1685

And you can look down and see every angle of the city, including the narrow buildings along the Royal Mile and elsewhere in Old Town.

SAM_1661 SAM_1667 SAM_1673

You also get a lovely view of Princes Street.

SAM_1702 SAM_1709 SAM_1728 SAM_1723

Calton  Hill is popular but never really packed. People just stand and marvel at the views.

SAM_1721 SAM_1712

Everybody loves Jurassic Park


A few weekends ago Fraser and I went to the cinema to see the re-released Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D. I have to say it was the BEST way to spend a drizzly Sunday morning. But let’s be honest, there is never really a bad time to watch Jurassic Park. I have had a longstanding love of Steven Spielberg’s classic. I can still remember the first time I watched it as a child, seeing what looked just like real dinosaurs on screen. There is a simple and mesmerising magic to it.

I have watched the film several times since then, but I have to say that this time in the IMAX was the most I have enjoyed it since the first time I watched it as a kid. I wrote a slightly more extensive review here of the experience of watching this classic at the IMAX.


Fraser and I both love this film so were so excited. We were the first to get there and the IMAX screen is impressive as soon as you see it.


Putting on those glasses, getting into full dino-ready mode.

SAM_1487 SAM_1489

And then it was time to sit there for two hours of pure entertainment! Jurassic Park, I still love you!


What’s been happening recently…September

Time, where does it go? I am no closer to finding the answer to that question as the last month seems to have just absolutely disappeared. I have been so busy with my new university course, which I am loving, but it has meant less time for blogging. I am determined to still keep up the blogging as much as possible, even if it means in slightly longer intervals. It is a great way to document my memories and a good way to ensure I write as often as possible and capture the little moments in life. Anyway, in the mean time, here are some snapshots of September, perhaps looking at these I can figure out where the time goes.

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Back to Enjoying Edinburgh…with food!

So, we’ve been back in Edinburgh for a while now. I am only just now catching up on some blog posts of Edinburgh.

My first weekend back was nice, but I was missing my family and Austria, so we decided to indulge ourselves. First we went out for a lovely lunch.

SAM_1303 SAM_1307

Fraser had to work on Saturday but the rest of the weekend we spent time wandering around our beloved Edinburgh, stopping off at a new cafe that has cropped up while we were away.

SAM_1310 SAM_1313

We made ourselves a nice Sunday lunch with delicious cookies afterwards as a treat.

SAM_1320 SAM_1321 SAM_1323 SAM_1330

Food makes everything better, even if it doesn’t quite get rid of homesickness.


I do love Edinburgh, and I am rediscovering all the things I love about living here.

Snow Tinted Edinburgh Part 2


The snow continued to fall in the days after our initial walk.IMG_5895

I went for a few more walks around outside to have a look at the wonders that are Arthur’s Seat and the Crags covered in snow. An odd but beautiful sight.IMG_5889 IMG_5892 IMG_5900

I also decided to take a few pictures of the snow from inside the flat.IMG_5871 IMG_5874 IMG_5878

There is something so reassuring and mesmerising in watching the snow from your living room window. It makes you feel warm and cosy. It looks so lovely and so silent.IMG_5881 IMG_5885

To me it’s just interesting to see such a familiar view all covered in a white blanket with a flurry of flakes falling down on it. Peaceful.


What’s been happening recently … October

A little late this month, but here are some random pics of what happened in October.


Halloween, it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!


Halloween this year was great and ghoulish and we decided to celebrate in style. We got a whole load of fun and monstrous Halloween decorations for the flat. Given that we had planned a small Halloween gathering with friends, to listen to some seasonal music, eat eyeball shaped sweets and watch horror films, we proceeded to decorate the flat with these delightful skeletons, ghosts and body parts.


This included these cute little smiling pumpkin lights:


And, what I guess are the Halloween equivalent of fairy lights.


The finishing touch was this inviting chap on our front door. (We named him Steve):

Of course we had prepared appropriate food and beverages, including pumpkin biscuits, sweets, and popcorn (appropriate at any time of year).


Our drinks were prepared in these lovely skull tankards.


Then everything was ready for an evening of watching Nightmare on Elm Street, a good choice for any Halloween event.


Of course a Halloween post would not be complete without mentioning the costumes we wore, to a different Halloween party. I opted for the possibly unimaginative but always gorey zombie outfit.


Complete with a gaping and bloody hand wound (which actually looked even better at the end of the evening as the mangled fake skin had hardened!).


Fraser chose a less disgusting but equally scarred pirate costume.


The Halloween season was eventually rounded off with a viewing of one my all time favourite childhood films, Hocus Pocus. We got through a fair amount of fake blood but definitely had a lot of fun with all the festivities and (totally necessary) Halloween accessories. We hope your Halloween was just as fun!