Edinburgh Christmas


It seems ages ago now, but in December Fraser and I had our traditional pre-Christmas celebration. As with every year so far we spent actual Christmas day apart and with our respective families. This being from two different countries thing can be complicated to work out at times, but we have found a solution that works for us. And this way we get to have two Christmasses, and who wouldn’t want that?

3 SAM_1932 SAM_1974 SAM_1919 1

We had decorated our flat earlier in December, I love having all that Christmassy stuff around. It makes you feel nostalgic and cosy on cold December nights.

SAM_1982 SAM_1962

Our whole day was lovely, we unwrapped presents, watched Christmas films, had a lovely meal and went to the cinema. An absolutely perfect day.



A quarter of a century

Yes, a quarter of a century, that is now me. On Sunday the 21st of July 2013, I officially turned 25, which doesn’t really sound much better than a quarter of a century. People who know me, may know that I don’t generally look forward to birthdays. It is no reflection at all on the day itself or the people I spend it with as all of that is lovely, I just don’t like the feeling of getting older. And I don’t mean OLD, just older, I have felt that way since my 13th birthday. I guess I just wasn’t made for being a grown-up.

That being said, I always ALWAYS end up having a wonderful day and this year was no exception. The wonderfulness of this day was, in no small part, down to Fraser, who, in the absence of my excitement had been very excited about my birthday. He made sure it was special from start to finish.

He made me breakfast in the morning, anything I wanted. I wanted eggs and bacon. After breakfast it was time for presents and cards.

Cards first. Thank you to everyone who sent cards. I especially enjoyed being ‘Auntie Jemise’ this year (Jemsie it what those closest to me call me).


And this is Fraser’s sweet card, ensuring that I don’t feel too bad about getting older.


Then presents, and I got several lovely things. The crown jewel of which was Fraser’s main present to me, which was a camera. Yes, an awesome new camera. It has several functions with which I am not familiar, but I am SO enjoying using it. It’s a perfect present, considering I use my camera every week.

We spent a relaxing morning, not rushing anything, just doing what we wanted to do. I phoned my parents (never forget, your birthday is also a special day for them). By the afternoon we were hungry again and so it was time for my birthday tradition. You may remember that for the past two years on my birthday we have bought cupcakes from the wonderful Bibi’s Bakery. It is the best birthday tradition and I could not WAIT!!

SAM_0007 SAM_0010

I mean just LOOK at how delicious. I had my usual, my favourites, chocolate-orange and smarties, and Fraser had Oreo and summer berries. They were delicious and gone too soon!

SAM_0012 SAM_0019 SAM_0023

Sooooo good!

It was such a nice day, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around sunny Edinburgh, working up an appetite for the evening.

SAM_0037 SAM_0038 SAM_0040 SAM_0041

We went to one of my favourite restaurants and afterwards walked around New Town as it was still so warm, before heading to the cinema to see Monsters University (we do love a good Pixar film).

SAM_0056 SAM_0067

So all in all, I have to admit, turning a quarter of a century was really very pleasant. I could not have asked for a better birthday!

Short But Sweet

Some weekends are short but sweet. We’ve been doing so much recently and the weather wasn’t really that great, so we decided to just take it easy last weekend.

We went to see Despicable Me 2 which we loved! (See my review of the film here). On Sunday we went out for some delicious breakfast.

We had a lazy afternoon and baked a lemon cake.


It had home made lemon curd inside.

And was SO TASTY!!

The sweetness in our short but sweet weekend.

Pizza (nd) Love

Just a little pizza related update:

After the awesome pizza experience at the Italian restaurant during our anniversary celebrations, we were inspired to come up with some of our own pizza creations. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, so we bought pizza bases and got creative.

We decided to try various ingredients in different combinations.

The whole thing was fun and surprisingly easy and definitely something I would HIGHLY recommend. A simple idea, but fulfilling to have a pizza with exactly the ingredients you want and in the amount that you want.

We started out with two pizzas just to  try it out for ourselves. Using two different types of cheeses on different halves of the pizzas, the result was very pleasing. And very tasty.

With a successful dinner behind us we decided to expand. We were having some friends round for a marathon Batman film viewing (or, Batman Day as we called it). Such an occasion necessitates good film-viewing food. So….

Four different pizzas, with four different ingredient combinations, that is what followed.

Topped with some cheese, in the oven for about ten minutes equals a room full of very happy pizza eating people, accompanied by some quality entertainment.

I can already tell that such pizzas with a variety of toppings will become a staple in our future meal planning, I have already thought of so many combinations I would like to try.

Pizza ‘nd Love

4 Years

Earlier this month we had our 4 year anniversary. Unfortunately it coincided with my body becoming completely pathetic and totally succumbing to the flu. Understandably I was in no mood to celebrate so we just decided to mark the occasion when I was feeling better. We tend to not have any kind of huge lavish celebration on our anniversary, preferring instead to just choose something where we can spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

We went out for a walk in the afternoon and then went to our favourite Italian restaurant. Realising that despite having been there many times, neither of us had ever had a pizza from that restaurant we decided to each pick a pizza. And oh was THAT a good choice! Cue a meal of complete delicious pizzary goodness.

Seriously some of the best pizza I have ever had outside of Italy.

Afterwards we went to the cinema to see The Impossible (I would highly recommend it if you don’t mind snivelling your way through most of the film; it is very emotional but brilliantly acted).

I know I can’t put into words how happy the past 4 years have made me so I won’t try. I will just say that I am looking forward to many more wonderful years together.

Fraser’s Birthday Celebrations

Things really have been busy recently. So busy this blog has suffered a little. I pledge to do better.

But on to the main event, which, at the end of September was Fraser’s birthday. We had both been looking forward to a day of fun and indulgence and I was excited about making the day as special as possible for my great man.

So I got up early and went out and got us each a slice of chocolate cake as a surprise.

Then I laid out all the presents. (Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper, we figure, why be wasteful?)

Then it was time for the birthday boy to open some cards.


Then the moment, I am sure Fraser had been waiting for, the presents.

Including my main present for him which expanded his collection of string instruments to include a ukulele.


We hadn’t expected the weather to be nice so we had planned for a rainy day. And rainy it was! After a little wander through town we decided to go for some soup to warm up. It was very yummy and just what we needed.


Then, seeing as it was still rainy and cold we headed for the cinema. We saw an excellent film, Killing Them Softly, we both felt that it was the best film we had seen in ages, thoroughly absorbing.

On the way home we grabbed some dinner at Fraser’s favourite Indian restaurant. This made him happy, the boy does love his curry!

This is Fraser’s curry face, here he contemplates the delicious food he is about to consume.


And I have to agree, the food was very very tasty, especially the chicken curry that I had.


All in all, I think it was a pretty successful birthday, if I do say so myself, with great food, company, films and entertainment throughout.

Happy birthday, my love xxx

A little trip to Dumfries

Towards the end of July, Fraser and I spent three lovely days in Dumfries with his parents. It’s always nice going to see each other’s parents, a few days to relax and experience some home comforts is often just what we need. So we decided to take a little trip to Fraser’s home in Thornhill.

On the first day we were very lucky with the weather as it had been raining for most of that week but it was sunny when we arrived. So we wandered round the garden, had a lovely meal and then engaged in the ever popular Pixar film evening.

But of course not before unwrapping holiday presents, Fraser was especially happy with his and he even agreed to display it on camera in all its glory. Yes, a Where’s Wally t-shirt. He found Wally pretty quickly but that has not diminished any enjoyment of the t-shirt.

The next morning began with some of that lovely home cooking I talked about, with freshly made pancakes and bacon. DEEElicious.


As the weather had taken a turn for the worse over night we felt an indoor activity would be best. So we decided to visit a nearby castle and take a tour around it.

This is the drive up to Drumlanrig Castle, it looked very impressive.

We learnt a lot about the castle’s history, previous owners, its artwork, and, thanks to one of the younger tour member’s question about ghosts, a little bit about its haunted wonders.


After the tour we walked around the grounds outside for a bit and Fraser regaled us with tales about how he and his friends used to roll down the hills really fast when they were teenagers. I grew up in the city, but it sounds like fun.


The next day there was just enough time to try on some excellent sunglasses Fraser found for me:

and for me to make him try them on too:

Then after a cholocate muffin and some orange juice in the now once again sunny garden, we had to head off back to Edinburgh.

It’s amazing how refreshing it can feel to get away for a few days and be pampered by parents. Thank you to the Shearers for a lovely few days, we hope to do it again sometime soon.