Valentine’s Weekend


With us both being insanely busy it seemed as if Valentine’s Day just suddenly arrived without much forewarning. But it’s important to make time for the important stuff. So without any time to plan anything we just decided to have a weekend filled with things we like.


We watched football, went out for delicious lunches, got our favourite cupcakes, talked, chatted, laughed, and watched the Lego Movie (so much fun!).

It goes to show you don’t have to come up with huge convoluted plans to have a nice weekend together if you just enjoy each other’s company.

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Austria Christmas


Christmas at home just is special. The whole family together, catching up, relaxing, having fun.

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This year was wonderful, I loved being at home and really loved seeing my family. Unfortunately 3/4 of us became ill over Christmas, one of those horrible illnesses that drag on, mine lasted for most of my stay. But you realise quickly that none of it really matters that much as long as you are together.

SAM_2033 SAM_2036

I can honestly say that despite the coughing and sniffling I absolutely loved my Christmas. I miss my family already. Roll on Easter!

Family – the most important thing

This is the last of my posts about our wonderful holiday in Austria, and it is dedicated to a few photographs of us hanging out as a family. Family really is the most important thing, and I miss them all terribly. I wish I could see them more, but I am glad that we all get on so well and that we had this amazing time together. I can’t wait to see them again soon.

I love you all ❤

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What’s been happening recently…June

You know what? I’ve decided to embrace the fact that, rather than appearing at the end of each month, this series appears half way through the next month. It just seems that going through and selecting the photos usually takes so long, that more often than not the, ‘What’s been happening recently’ posts, will have to appear a few weeks late.

With that being said, here are some pictures of what’s been happening recently, throughout the month of June:

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Final days at home….

I have made it back, safe and sound, to Edinburgh. But here are just a few more pictures of the last few days I spent at home with my parents. It was sunny, warm and completely lovely. I already miss my family and can’t wait to go back and see them again soon.

IMG_6636 IMG_6637

The weather was beautiful so we spent some time in the garden.

IMG_6650 IMG_6649 IMG_6674 IMG_6666IMG_6644

^^^^ This is a dinosaur I made in a pottery class when I was about 8. He now lives in the garden.

IMG_6673 IMG_6658 IMG_6671 IMG_6679 IMG_6685

I had what was quite possibly the world’s most perfect Easter egg. (Dark chocolate!)

IMG_6694 IMG_6704 IMG_6707

We made brownies,

IMG_6717 IMG_6719

and went out for ice cream…

IMG_6720 IMG_6723

These were perfect, sun-kissed spring days with the best family in the world. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Vienna 2


Some more fun in Vienna. Well we braved the cold and wandered around the Prater. It was actually nice that there were hardly any people there, at times it seemed eerily deserted.

IMG_6413 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6424

Naturally we had to have a go on the bumper cars (driving to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – ’cause, why not?)

IMG_6431 IMG_6432

At times the whole place felt like an abandoned ghost town from the past, very odd. I was just glad I didn’t have to go on anything more adventurous than the bumper cars.

IMG_6445 IMG_6443 IMG_6449 IMG_6455 IMG_6469 IMG_6462 IMG_6435

But eventually we felt cold and hungry and decided to go and search for some food before the evening’s surprise….

to be continued….

IMG_6470 IMG_6472


Just a little post about Valentine’s Day. We kept it simple, we really just wanted to spend the day together. So we had a lazy morning, opening a few presents.

I got a sweet card from Fraser.

We went for a little stroll through town on an exceptionally sunny winter’s day.

After a fun trip to the cinema we rounded off the evening with dinner at our favourite tapas place.

A happy Valentine’s Day!

Pancake Day

Last Tuesday was pancake day. We hadn’t planned on making any pancakes, but once I started reading recipes online the idea just seemed too enticing  So with the promise of some good football viewing that evening, we decided to make some pancakes to celebrate the day.

With all the ingredients out we were ready to go.

Fraser started, throwing all the pancakey ingredients together and then whisking.

Then it was my turn, more and more whisking. Now, making pancakes isn’t hard but whisking is tiring.

Then on to the fun part. Into the pan.


Fraser managed to expertly flip the first one. Then it was over to me again.

After another successful flip we quickly made a few more, not quite anticipating how many pancakes the mix would yield. (To be honest, we had too many).


We gathered together the various toppings we wanted, such as melted chocolate, peanut butter, sugar and lemon juice (depending on individual taste they were combined in various ways).

IMG_6103 ???????????????????????????????

And there they were, our delicious (but oh so filling) pancakes. We were ready, the football was ready and the chosen toppings turned out to be the perfect additions to pancake day.


A deliciously perfect pancake day!

Bed Diving

Ok, this is a small add on to the Gleneagles photos, but CLEARLY this deserved a post all to itself. My 22 year old boyfriend, arrived at the lovely house we were staying in, saw our room with the massive double bed in it and thought, yep, this calls for a running, flying jump. All I could think to do was to capture the perfect moment on camera. So here he is, soaring like a (Glen)eagle:

You’re only as old as you feel.