Austria Christmas


Christmas at home just is special. The whole family together, catching up, relaxing, having fun.

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This year was wonderful, I loved being at home and really loved seeing my family. Unfortunately 3/4 of us became ill over Christmas, one of those horrible illnesses that drag on, mine lasted for most of my stay. But you realise quickly that none of it really matters that much as long as you are together.

SAM_2033 SAM_2036

I can honestly say that despite the coughing and sniffling I absolutely loved my Christmas. I miss my family already. Roll on Easter!


Back to Enjoying Edinburgh…with food!

So, we’ve been back in Edinburgh for a while now. I am only just now catching up on some blog posts of Edinburgh.

My first weekend back was nice, but I was missing my family and Austria, so we decided to indulge ourselves. First we went out for a lovely lunch.

SAM_1303 SAM_1307

Fraser had to work on Saturday but the rest of the weekend we spent time wandering around our beloved Edinburgh, stopping off at a new cafe that has cropped up while we were away.

SAM_1310 SAM_1313

We made ourselves a nice Sunday lunch with delicious cookies afterwards as a treat.

SAM_1320 SAM_1321 SAM_1323 SAM_1330

Food makes everything better, even if it doesn’t quite get rid of homesickness.


I do love Edinburgh, and I am rediscovering all the things I love about living here.

By the Lake


This is where Fraser and I have been spending our days.

SAM_0406 SAM_0382

We are staying with my parents back home in Austria. The weather has been beautiful and last Thursday we went to a wonderful lake to swim and relax.


It is nice to just stop and gaze at the sky, not having to do anything.


The lake was great and there weren’t even a lot of people there.


Long, hot summer days are what I remember from my childhood, and it’s been wonderful to drink up the sun.


We are really having a fantastic holiday!


Hello Edinburgh!


So I’ve been back in Edinburgh for a week now, and despite really missing my family, it does feel good to be back. Mainly it was nice to be reunited with Fraser. I was lucky to be greeted with a truly glorious spring day the day after my return, and Fraser and I decided to make the most of it.


We went for a walk in the lovely sunshine and stopped off to buy some of our favourite coffee (Guatemalan Elephant, in case you were wondering).

IMG_6731 IMG_6732

We took our time, catching up, chatting and enjoying the fact that spring had finally arrived after a long, cold winter.

IMG_6729 IMG_6734

Eventually we felt hungry and so stopped off at Bibi’s Bakery for some of their amazing and delicious cupcakes. It’s a treat we don’t often allow ourselves but when we do, we are always reminded of just how great their little bakery is and just how fantastic their cupcakes are.

IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6740

As it was getting late and we still had plans for the evening we decided to head home to devour our cupcakes. It was a lovely late afternoon, still sunny and warm.

IMG_6741 IMG_6744

Being home meant cupcake eating time, and oh, were they good!

IMG_6748 IMG_6749  IMG_6750

A chocolate-orange and a smarty cupcakes for me, and a lemon and a nutella cupcake for Fraser.

IMG_6757 IMG_6758

By the evening it was time to head out again as the sun set over the city.


We rounded off the evening with some tapas in a restaurant we hadn’t been to before, (where we seemed to disappoint the waiter that the ‘Shearer’ reservation was not, in fact, for Alan Shearer). Followed by a trip to the cinema.


It’s good to be back, Edinburgh, please stay sunny for a little while so we can continue to enjoy you. Thank you!

Final days at home….

I have made it back, safe and sound, to Edinburgh. But here are just a few more pictures of the last few days I spent at home with my parents. It was sunny, warm and completely lovely. I already miss my family and can’t wait to go back and see them again soon.

IMG_6636 IMG_6637

The weather was beautiful so we spent some time in the garden.

IMG_6650 IMG_6649 IMG_6674 IMG_6666IMG_6644

^^^^ This is a dinosaur I made in a pottery class when I was about 8. He now lives in the garden.

IMG_6673 IMG_6658 IMG_6671 IMG_6679 IMG_6685

I had what was quite possibly the world’s most perfect Easter egg. (Dark chocolate!)

IMG_6694 IMG_6704 IMG_6707

We made brownies,

IMG_6717 IMG_6719

and went out for ice cream…

IMG_6720 IMG_6723

These were perfect, sun-kissed spring days with the best family in the world. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Journeying Home

On Wednesday I left Edinburgh for a two week holiday back home with my parents. All is well, I have arrived safely and am being treated to, quite frankly, a five star experience.

My flight was in the afternoon so I made my way to Waverley Bridge late morning. It was actually a really nice and sunny day (which feels slightly absurd now as it is cold and drizzly here at the moment). After a pleasant bus journey I arrived at the airport.

Two flights and another airport later and I had landed in Graz. Once we got home I was greeted with perfectly delicious lemon cake. Since then I have been chatting and having fun with family, eating exceptional food and just relaxing. I think these two weeks will be great.


A quiet week

It’s been a quiet week with Fraser now working at the science festival and me focusing on my writing. I am leaving next week to go home for a little while, something I am ridiculously excited about. But that has meant that I have been trying to get as much work done as possible this week, as I am likely to have less time while I’m at home.

The good news is that the weather seems to have ever so slightly picked up. By that I really just mean that it has been pretty sunny. It’s still very cold and occasionally snowy, we’ve been keeping warm with winter soups.

There have been some lovely treats this week, in the form of Easter eggs and Easter chocolate. But one of the best surprises was a present Fraser had actually ordered for me for Christmas, but they weren’t going to be made until after Christmas. And now it is finally here. I now have one of my favourite novels of all time The Great Gatsby printed on a t shirt in a really lovely design. I love love LOVE it! It is from this website and such a great idea I think.

So, yes, a quiet week, but productive and with a few nice little surprises along the way.