Pumpkin Pandemonium

At the end of October we acquired two lovely pumpkins.

 Seriously, just look at them! They were gorgeous.

 But soon enough it was carving time.

 Fraser cut into them and then I gutted them (it all sounds so brutal).


Then, of course, they needed artwork. Fraser had ambitious plans for one of them, and my only request was that the other one be a traditional jack-o’-lantern style pumpkin with a toothy grin. And my wish was granted.

 Whilst Fraser carefully planned his design for the other one, we used pumpkin puree to make some absolutely delicious pumpkin biscuits/mini-cakes. Seriously, they were the perfect Halloween attribute, SO tasty!

  Here, meanwhile, the master at work:

And then, for the grand finale, the triumphant unveiling, of this beauty:

 Yes, that’s right, somehow, Fraser managed to carve the film poster of The Exorcist on to our pumpkin. It is rumoured that he is now considering pumpkin carving as a serious career possibility. I mean, just LOOK at it! It’s amazing!

This pumpkin quickly joined the other one and nicely decorated our dining table.

And to top it off, they both looked even better when they were lit up, perfectly setting the Halloween mood (granted, that is a little difficult to capture on camera).


So that’s the story of our two little pumpkins. Until next year, pumpkin friends!