Valentine’s Weekend


With us both being insanely busy it seemed as if Valentine’s Day just suddenly arrived without much forewarning. But it’s important to make time for the important stuff. So without any time to plan anything we just decided to have a weekend filled with things we like.


We watched football, went out for delicious lunches, got our favourite cupcakes, talked, chatted, laughed, and watched the Lego Movie (so much fun!).

It goes to show you don’t have to come up with huge convoluted plans to have a nice weekend together if you just enjoy each other’s company.

SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2098 SAM_2097



What’s been happening recently…September

Time, where does it go? I am no closer to finding the answer to that question as the last month seems to have just absolutely disappeared. I have been so busy with my new university course, which I am loving, but it has meant less time for blogging. I am determined to still keep up the blogging as much as possible, even if it means in slightly longer intervals. It is a great way to document my memories and a good way to ensure I write as often as possible and capture the little moments in life. Anyway, in the mean time, here are some snapshots of September, perhaps looking at these I can figure out where the time goes.

3 10 6 9 2 7 11 5 8 1

Back to Enjoying Edinburgh…with food!

So, we’ve been back in Edinburgh for a while now. I am only just now catching up on some blog posts of Edinburgh.

My first weekend back was nice, but I was missing my family and Austria, so we decided to indulge ourselves. First we went out for a lovely lunch.

SAM_1303 SAM_1307

Fraser had to work on Saturday but the rest of the weekend we spent time wandering around our beloved Edinburgh, stopping off at a new cafe that has cropped up while we were away.

SAM_1310 SAM_1313

We made ourselves a nice Sunday lunch with delicious cookies afterwards as a treat.

SAM_1320 SAM_1321 SAM_1323 SAM_1330

Food makes everything better, even if it doesn’t quite get rid of homesickness.


I do love Edinburgh, and I am rediscovering all the things I love about living here.

Food at Home


One of the best things about being back home in Austria is the food, the glorious, glorious food! Honestly we spent so much time eating in the few weeks we were in Austria, but then, if you can’t eat a ridiculous amount when you’re on holiday when can you?


So here is a little tribute to these culinary delights:

The regular barbecues we enjoyed in the garden as a family….

SAM_0258 SAM_0934 SAM_0975 SAM_0982

Fraser, here eagerly awaiting his plate of grilled food.

SAM_0989 SAM_0993 SAM_0995

Sausages, vegetables, chicken… we felt as if we could have had this for every meal.

SAM_0266 SAM_0959 SAM_0980 SAM_1006

The delicious (and in the heat much needed) ice creams.

SAM_0368 SAM_0370 SAM_0371 SAM_1009

And ice coffees, eagerly scoffed down by my brother Dieter.

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Of course the other lovely drinks we enjoyed too, such as post-dinner chinese plum wine, and refreshing beverages.

SAM_0461 SAM_1002

Great restaurant food.

SAM_1269 SAM_1286 SAM_1290

And last, but certainly not least, 60th birthday ice cream cake.

SAM_1047 SAM_1074

So back in Edinburgh now it is definitely back to exercising and eating more healthily, but, my God, was it good while it lasted!


Some more from the weekend.

The final few pictures from our weekend. We just decided to relax on Sunday and catch up with little things we had put off during the week. But there was also:

another little sunny walk,

a nacho lunch,

some baking,

and, happily, some double chocolate chip biscuits (we are eating them a little too quickly)!

I hope you had a nice weekend too ūüôā

Sunny Saturday and Sunday

This past weekend was beautiful and sunny and wonderful and so needed after the long cold winter that felt like it would never end. Here are a few images from our weekend:

A Saturday walk through town, doing some shopping:

Panini take-away:


An even sunnier Sunday as we set off from our flat:

A Sunday burger lunch:


Invitingly summery Meadows:

An interesting Meadows festival with a random assortment of stalls:

Including a giant bee:

And a dog show that included a dog egg (well, tennis ball) and spoon race:

Walking under the trees seeing what is left of the lovely cherry blossom:

Ending the day with a chocolate milkshake for Fraser and a lemon zester for me:

And a reminder of just how long it stays light at this time of year with the sun slowly setting over the city:


Please, lovely weather, stay for as long as possible!

A (not so nice) surprise

Wow, so, it’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been working away on finishing my book (more on that another time). There has been so much happening that I haven’t had any time to do some blog updates. Not to worry though, I had anticipated a particularly nice weekend, Fraser and I had all sorts of plans, I’d have time to catch up on some things I had pushed aside during the week, but all in all it would be a relaxing weekend.

Well, you know those days when you wake up on a Saturday, think about all the pleasant things you have planned for the day, think about how you’ll take it easy in the morning, just have a cup tea, read the newspaper online…. and then it starts raining in your flat? No? Never happened to you? Well, it had never happened to me until Saturday. But sure enough, when I went into our bedroom after breakfast, the sky was happily raining, through the ceiling into our bedroom.

Yes, this was what ruined all our plans on Saturday:

IMG_6839  IMG_6837 IMG_6838

We had to wait in to try and get someone to come round and have a look at it, but of course at a weekend everyone is unavailable…it all just dragged on.

So, we didn’t get to do any of what we had planned to do, but we generally know how to make the best out of an annoying situation. Considering how rainy it was outside we consoled ourselves with some hastily prepared but very nice lunch,


lots of biscuits and coffee,


Fraser’s mac and cheese for dinner,


and just generally enjoying our time together. Now that Fraser is working we very rarely get the chance for a lazy day, lying on the couch watching TV. So our cloud did have a silver lining (and lots of rain).

By Sunday it had stopped raining in our room but the weather hadn’t really improved. Not that that mattered, we decided to go to the cinema and out for lunch and to then enjoy the final day of the premier league season from the comfort of our warm home.


It was a fun walk through misty Edinburgh (less fun when you remember that it’s May, but interesting to say the least).

IMG_6849 IMG_6851

We really enjoyed the film (the new Star Trek film, in case you were wondering). There is something a little bit special about going to the cinema in the morning.

IMG_6852 IMG_6853

Then we went for a short walk (through still misty Edinburgh) to one of our favourite places for lunch.

^^^^Hmmm what should I have?


A lovely lunch, great afternoon of football, and ultimately a good end to a slightly turbulent weekend.

Update: It has not rained in our flat since Saturday and today someone finally came to have a look at it, so hopefully there will be no more weather related surprises in the flat for a while.


Saturday was fun. We have been enjoying the fact that spring has decided to stay for a little while in Edinburgh. Even though it wasn’t quite as sunny as had been forecast (or as sunny as it would be in the days after) it felt good to get out and about. Starting with a nice¬†leisurely¬†lunch on the way into town.

IMG_6776 IMG_6779 IMG_6777

Followed by a walk down to Princes Street. Which included this kind act of humanity:


Then a stroll through Princes Street Gardens.

IMG_6783 IMG_6787 IMG_6791

Before deciding to head to the Scottish National Gallery to look at some exhibitions.

IMG_6795 IMG_6796 IMG_6790

Afterwards it was time for a refuel, so we headed to a café we had never tried before. It was really nice, I had a lovely brownie and great coffee.

IMG_6800 IMG_6801 IMG_6806 IMG_6803

It was getting late, so time to head home, but it was very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.


Sunday Lunch

This past Sunday happened to be Easter Sunday. I say ‘happened’ because Easter really doesn’t mean that much to us (not that it isn’t a great excuse to enjoy some chocolate). The far more important thing to us, was that it was the last Sunday before I leave for just over two weeks, and the last day before my departure on which Fraser wouldn’t be working. So we decided to go out for lunch and spend a nice day together.

Easter Sunday, it turns out is a great day to go out for lunch because most of the students have gone home and most families, I guess, are eating at home. So there weren’t that many people in the caf√©.

We had some excellent pizzas, meatball for Fraser and cajun chicken for me, and some kind of zesty lemonade thing which was excellent (we’re thinking probably crushed ice, lemonade and lemon ice cream)!


^^^^So much yummy pizza!

Then it was home to indulge in the aforementioned chocolate. Easter eggs, coffee and Sunday football. Good times, happy Easter!


November Means

November. Well, first of all it would appear that November means I have been so busy that there has been no time for blog posting. This is bad, very bad. I created this blog first and foremost do document memories, now I may look back on 2012 one day and it will seem as if November just disappeared. Very bad. All I can do is try to strive for better. So I felt that perhaps a summarising post would be best, depicting what November means (you know, to jog my memory in years to come). So here we go.

First of all, November means really amazing skies, here are some images I captured one evening whilst out and about. It really was amazing and is not adequately reflected through photographs, but I hope the general idea comes across:

IMG_3449IMG_3444 IMG_3442

November also means cold afternoons speant in a cozy kitchen trying out baking recipes. Here double chocolate chip, and chocolate orange biscuits.

IMG_3462 IMG_3459IMG_3474 IMG_3481

November means visits from cousins,


and going to Christmas shops with other cousins to buy decorations.


November means drizzly autumn walks amongst the now leafless trees,

IMG_5345 IMG_5346

with this lovely guy. . .


November means train journeys from east to west.

IMG_5443 IMG_5446

November means eventually arriving in Dumfries to spend time with family and relax with some food and drinks,


in front of a warm fire.

IMG_5449 IMG_5451

November means getting some early Christmas shopping in and then going out for some much needed warming up lunch.

IMG_3573 IMG_3577

Above all, November definitely means enjoying some delicious meals at home as the wind and rain rage outside.


Onwards and upwards (to hopefully a month with more blog posts) to December and the Christmassy madness. It’s beginning to look a lot less like November.