Visit to the Christmas Market


Well it’s that wonderful time of year again and last Monday Fraser and I made our way down to the Christmas Market on Princes Street. It is bigger and better than ever this year. It is not quite as cold as it has been in previous years so it was quite pleasant wandering around all the colourful little stalls.

SAM_1838SAM_1841 SAM_1845 2 SAM_1848 SAM_1861 SAM_1865

There was a beautiful carousel in the centre and so much to see.

SAM_1860 SAM_1872

The main event for us is getting food there every year, we got some delicious sausages, Fraser got an Austrian one and I (sacrilege!) got a German one. They were yummy.

1 SAM_1879 SAM_1877

Then we walked around and looked at all the Christmassy stuff.

4 SAM_1883 SAM_1887 3

The ferris wheel really provides a lovely backdrop to the Christmas Market.


The market did its job and put me in a sufficiently Christmassy mood.



Sunday Fry-up Day

Sometimes the perfect addition to a Sunday is a fry-up. That’s just the way it is. Or at least that’s what we felt last Sunday. It’s something we very rarely indulge in, in fact that last time we had a ¬†fry-up was last June, so it seemed we were due one. Here is the tasty, tasty result.

The ingredients:

The start of the frying of…




and, of course, eggs.

The final amazing result (including potato scones, mushrooms – for me and black pudding – for Fraser). Sunday fry-up day, try it!