Valentine’s Weekend


With us both being insanely busy it seemed as if Valentine’s Day just suddenly arrived without much forewarning. But it’s important to make time for the important stuff. So without any time to plan anything we just decided to have a weekend filled with things we like.


We watched football, went out for delicious lunches, got our favourite cupcakes, talked, chatted, laughed, and watched the Lego Movie (so much fun!).

It goes to show you don’t have to come up with huge convoluted plans to have a nice weekend together if you just enjoy each other’s company.

SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2098 SAM_2097



Edinburgh Christmas


It seems ages ago now, but in December Fraser and I had our traditional pre-Christmas celebration. As with every year so far we spent actual Christmas day apart and with our respective families. This being from two different countries thing can be complicated to work out at times, but we have found a solution that works for us. And this way we get to have two Christmasses, and who wouldn’t want that?

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We had decorated our flat earlier in December, I love having all that Christmassy stuff around. It makes you feel nostalgic and cosy on cold December nights.

SAM_1982 SAM_1962

Our whole day was lovely, we unwrapped presents, watched Christmas films, had a lovely meal and went to the cinema. An absolutely perfect day.


Visit to the Christmas Market


Well it’s that wonderful time of year again and last Monday Fraser and I made our way down to the Christmas Market on Princes Street. It is bigger and better than ever this year. It is not quite as cold as it has been in previous years so it was quite pleasant wandering around all the colourful little stalls.

SAM_1838SAM_1841 SAM_1845 2 SAM_1848 SAM_1861 SAM_1865

There was a beautiful carousel in the centre and so much to see.

SAM_1860 SAM_1872

The main event for us is getting food there every year, we got some delicious sausages, Fraser got an Austrian one and I (sacrilege!) got a German one. They were yummy.

1 SAM_1879 SAM_1877

Then we walked around and looked at all the Christmassy stuff.

4 SAM_1883 SAM_1887 3

The ferris wheel really provides a lovely backdrop to the Christmas Market.


The market did its job and put me in a sufficiently Christmassy mood.


Jamie’s Italian

Weeks and weeks and weeks ago Fraser and I went for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Edinburgh. It was fantastic! It has moved to a new location recently and the restaurant looks lovely. Everyone was so friendly and there were so many great things on the menu. We chose two different things so we could try some of each other’s and we were impressed with both of the dishes. The meal was the result of a birthday present that Fraser got of vouchers for Jamie’s Italian, and we still have some left so we can’t wait to go again. And as this was around Halloween time (so long ago now!) we stopped by our favourite cupcake place afterwards and had a look at their Halloween cupcakes. There is clearly a lot of skill involved in this food business.

SAM_1502 SAM_1509 SAM_1512 SAM_1517 SAM_1518 SAM_1522 SAM_1523 SAM_1524 SAM_1525

I highly recommend Jamie’s Italian if you find yourself in Edinburgh looking for a place to eat!

Sunday Lunch

This past Sunday happened to be Easter Sunday. I say ‘happened’ because Easter really doesn’t mean that much to us (not that it isn’t a great excuse to enjoy some chocolate). The far more important thing to us, was that it was the last Sunday before I leave for just over two weeks, and the last day before my departure on which Fraser wouldn’t be working. So we decided to go out for lunch and spend a nice day together.

Easter Sunday, it turns out is a great day to go out for lunch because most of the students have gone home and most families, I guess, are eating at home. So there weren’t that many people in the café.

We had some excellent pizzas, meatball for Fraser and cajun chicken for me, and some kind of zesty lemonade thing which was excellent (we’re thinking probably crushed ice, lemonade and lemon ice cream)!


^^^^So much yummy pizza!

Then it was home to indulge in the aforementioned chocolate. Easter eggs, coffee and Sunday football. Good times, happy Easter!


A quiet week

It’s been a quiet week with Fraser now working at the science festival and me focusing on my writing. I am leaving next week to go home for a little while, something I am ridiculously excited about. But that has meant that I have been trying to get as much work done as possible this week, as I am likely to have less time while I’m at home.

The good news is that the weather seems to have ever so slightly picked up. By that I really just mean that it has been pretty sunny. It’s still very cold and occasionally snowy, we’ve been keeping warm with winter soups.

There have been some lovely treats this week, in the form of Easter eggs and Easter chocolate. But one of the best surprises was a present Fraser had actually ordered for me for Christmas, but they weren’t going to be made until after Christmas. And now it is finally here. I now have one of my favourite novels of all time The Great Gatsby printed on a t shirt in a really lovely design. I love love LOVE it! It is from this website and such a great idea I think.

So, yes, a quiet week, but productive and with a few nice little surprises along the way.

Cake Day

Ok, I’ve had enough of the snow. Truthfully, I had had enough of the snow several weeks ago, but apparently no one has told Edinburgh that it is supposed to be approaching spring. So Tuesday morning we woke up to this funny, flakey, white stuff tumbling from the skies. All night I had heard the wind whistling through the streets and rattling our windows and to put it simply, all day, it was freezing. It was one of those ‘definitely stay in doors and keep warm’ days. So I did.

Luckily this day of freeze coincided with something we, in this household, have been very much looking forward to. For the past month, as part of a healthy eating experiment,  Fraser and I have given up all forms of sweet food, this included biscuits, cakes, sweets, sugary drinks and, most painfully for me, all forms of chocolate. I love chocolate and have missed it greatly these past weeks. But, Tuesday, this self-imposed ban was finally over. And to celebrate, I decided to bake a cake. A delicious chocolate-orange cake.

The absolute best way to be reunited with sweet food, I can tell you! So the snow and rain continued throughout the day, but we didn’t mind, we had cake.


Sunday Fry-up Day

Sometimes the perfect addition to a Sunday is a fry-up. That’s just the way it is. Or at least that’s what we felt last Sunday. It’s something we very rarely indulge in, in fact that last time we had a  fry-up was last June, so it seemed we were due one. Here is the tasty, tasty result.

The ingredients:

The start of the frying of…




and, of course, eggs.

The final amazing result (including potato scones, mushrooms – for me and black pudding – for Fraser). Sunday fry-up day, try it!


Just a little post about Valentine’s Day. We kept it simple, we really just wanted to spend the day together. So we had a lazy morning, opening a few presents.

I got a sweet card from Fraser.

We went for a little stroll through town on an exceptionally sunny winter’s day.

After a fun trip to the cinema we rounded off the evening with dinner at our favourite tapas place.

A happy Valentine’s Day!